March Staff Member of the Month

So it's that time of the month again where we introduce to you our latest staff member of the month! This month we have one of our Architects Tony Stewart. So heres a little information to find out what Tony's role is here at GBS and a little bit about him. 


Job Role: Architect


Favourite part of your job: 3D modelling and early design work is always interesting where you can really experiment with design ideas.


Favourite completed job at GBS? Our work to the churchyard of St Peter in the East on behalf of St Edmund Hall was a rewarding project as it meant a lot to the users and went on to win an oxford preservation award. The Sobell House extension project was also a favourite as the project was focused on providing a wonderful new space for the staff and patients. I always enjoy a project more when it means so much to the people that use it.


Example of a project you are working on now:  I am currently focused on the Healthcare side of the company at this present time working on multiple projects within mental health and some renovation work in a paediatric healthcare setting.


What you enjoy doing outside of work: I enjoy spending time with my little boy, but movies and video games when he’s gone to bed.


Favourite food? I will go with chocolate and Pizza being a close second. 


Did you know:  I’ve been learning Kung Fu for a number of years. It’s a good form of exercise and well-being. That and I can juggle.