Meet the Team!

Once a month, we will be introducing a member of our team to find out what their role is here at GBS and a little bit about them. As it was Lisa Smith's idea, it seems only fitting that we start with her!

Job Role: Chartered Construction Manager working within the Consultancy Division

Favourite part of your job: Going up in cranes …. But I also love that with my job every day is different one day I can be on site climbing around on scaffolding yet the next I could be in the office attending meetings or preparing reports and drawings. But personally the biggest highlight of my job is that I get to work with different clients on a massive diverse range of projects, buildings, and sites.

Favourite completed job at GBS? Complete refurbishment and modernisation of an Oxford College Law Building.

Example of a project you are working on now: I am currently working on a tender package for the repair and refurbishment of a Grade II listed building within Oxford

What you enjoy doing outside of work: Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. But my biggest passion is travelling, seeing different countries and cultures. Ohh and eating cheese and drinking Gin and lots of it….. haha

Favourite food? Sushi / Chocolate

Fun fact:  I didn’t know until the grand old age of 33 that ducks could fly!! and it still amazes me that they can actually fly!!